13 April 2014

36 days of type

Hello there!

This is a post to tell you about a project I'm participating in. It's called 36 days of type and it's just what the title says, you're supposed to create a different letter (and after that, the numbers) every day.
I only heard about it the day it started and since one of my goals is to train my typography skills, this seemed like a good idea. Not so much when I think about all the actual work I have to finish but I'll keep doing it until I can't. This is supposed to be a very busy month, not the greatest time to start a new project but we'll see how it goes.

You may notice the D letter is missing, that's because I didn't like what I created, maybe I'll go back and redo it latter.

6 April 2014

sunday is take-photos-of-your-pets day

Hello there!
Today I had the rare opportunity to be alone with my pets all morning and they were so quiet - which is ever rarer, believe me - that I could photograph them, something I don't usually do because they hate it.
They never appeared on the blog though they've made a few aperances on instagram, so let me introduce them. These are Dori, a two year old completely out of her mind beagle, and Rafa, a 9 year old stray cat.