31 March 2015

freebies: download april 2015 calendar

Hi there!
The calendar is available on time this month! I really had a lot of fun creating these tiny elephants.
There's also something new this month: After listening to some opinions I decided to make a desktop version with only a few elements from the pattern so hopefully you guys will find it less confusing. But worry not! The pattern version is still available, as usual.
Hope you like it!
Have a great month.

29 March 2015

what goes around comes around

The other day I started thinking about karma and how I should remember it more often.
Then I felt like creating something related to it and this is what I came up with.
At first (as it always happens when I start creating something new) I thought it was a great ideia.
Then I thought this is probably not at all original, a lot of people must have done it before. When I get to this stage I usually give up and move on to something new and that's why I have A LOT of unfinished work, I always get unmotivated along the way.
This time I decided not to give up and this is the final product, quite different from what you usually see from me but I kinda like it.

Have a great week!

2 March 2015

freebies: download march 2015 calendar

Hello there!
March calendar is already available! Hope you liek this one!
My promise for this month is to have another post before the calendar of april.

download: mobile | desktop