I'm Elsa and I'm terrible at talking about myself.
I love a lot of things. Illustration and books. Design and lettering. Walks in the park and staying in my pyjamas all day. Travelling and staying in bed. Toasted bread with butter and icecream. Fries and pizza. Food in general.

I'm a full-time graphic designer and a part time illustrator who wants to draw for a living.
I live in Lisbon next to a big park where I like to have breakfast and walk my dog every weekend.
I consider myself shy but funny and one of my main goals in life is to make people happy with what I do.

This is my blog. Here I'll share the parts you don't see anywhere else. I'll share my work, things that inspire me and maybe some random things. I'll try to be as consistent as possíble from now on.

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