13 December 2015

freebies: download december 2015 calendar

Finally managed to finish the last calendar of the year!!!
The last few weeks have been crazy with work and I also had to finish this year's christmas card (the calendar was based on it) so the calendar had to be delayed.
This will also be the last calendar ever as somewhere along the way this year I lost my motivation and I realized I was only doing them because I had to.
And Merry Christmas.

30 November 2015

O Sonho do João

Earlier this month a book I illustrated got published, it's the first time I see my name on a published book, and I'me very happy about that.
Here are some photos I took of it.

1 November 2015

freebies: download november 2015 calendar

I just realized this morning that we're in november! That's weird especially because it'll be my birthday in two days!
Until a few hours ago I had nothing ready for this calendar, you know, the usual. But I knew it had to be either about my birthday or about my trip to Paris next week. I guess you can see what I ended up choosing.
Only one more calendar to go!

11 October 2015

1 September 2015

freebies: download september 2015 calendar

Hello there!
September calendar is already available. This time I reused a bee i did for a plate design and some flowers i drew and never used. Changed the colors and voilá: new pattern when you have no time to create something new.

3 August 2015

freebies: download august 2015 calendar

Hello there.
The last few days have been a mix of a lot of work and some vacation time. That and the fact that I'm still adjusting my time between my job, illustration and our young puppy we're the reasons that led me to only finish the calendar today.
If you follow me on instagram you already met Tosta and since she's been a major part of my life for the last couple of months, it's no surprise I had to make a calendar about her.
I hope there are some dog lovers out there and I hope you enjoy this calendar.

1 July 2015

freebies: download july 2015 calendar

Hello there!
July calendar is still quite on time, right?
As I told you before, it was not easy coming up with a theme to illustrate this month as my life has been revolving around one single small being and I wanted to think about something else with this calendar.
There was only one other thing... Summer! Of course!
Hope you like it! Enjoy!

28 June 2015

meet Tosta

Se me seguem no instagram, já conhecem a Tosta. Ela chegou cá a casa este mês e tem sido tão central na minha vida que estou a ter dificuldade em pensar num tema para o padrão do calendário do mês que vem que não sejam diferentes cocós. Vou tentar esforçar-me. Enquanto isso, aqui ficam algumas fotos dela.

If you follow me on instagram you already know about Tosta. She entered my life this month and has been so central to my life that I'm finding it difficult to think about a theme for next month's pattern (a theme other than poop I mean). I'll try harder but in the meantime here are some photos of her.

31 May 2015

freebies: download june 2015 calendar

Hello there!
New month, new calendar.
And this month there is no delay I'm actually a few minutes early! that's always a good thing.
My public promise this month is to stop posting only calendar posts on the blog.

Hope you like and enjoy the calendar.

3 May 2015

freebies: download may 2015 calendar

Hello there!
This calendar comes almost three days late! Sorry about that!
Actually I finished it on may 1st but I've got be honest: I'm not sure about the end result so I just procrastinated until now.
It's a bit different from my other patterns (where are the characters?) but I hope you like it anyway. This month I have two versions of each wallpaper because as I said before I don't know if I like it enough as a pattern.

31 March 2015

freebies: download april 2015 calendar

Hi there!
The calendar is available on time this month! I really had a lot of fun creating these tiny elephants.
There's also something new this month: After listening to some opinions I decided to make a desktop version with only a few elements from the pattern so hopefully you guys will find it less confusing. But worry not! The pattern version is still available, as usual.
Hope you like it!
Have a great month.

29 March 2015

what goes around comes around

The other day I started thinking about karma and how I should remember it more often.
Then I felt like creating something related to it and this is what I came up with.
At first (as it always happens when I start creating something new) I thought it was a great ideia.
Then I thought this is probably not at all original, a lot of people must have done it before. When I get to this stage I usually give up and move on to something new and that's why I have A LOT of unfinished work, I always get unmotivated along the way.
This time I decided not to give up and this is the final product, quite different from what you usually see from me but I kinda like it.

Have a great week!

2 March 2015

freebies: download march 2015 calendar

Hello there!
March calendar is already available! Hope you liek this one!
My promise for this month is to have another post before the calendar of april.

download: mobile | desktop

2 February 2015

freebies: download february 2015 calendar

Hello there!
It's almost midnight and that means I'm almost three days late with uploading this month's calendar.
Here is my second pattern.
I hope these romantic penguins make you smile.
download: mobile | desktop

11 January 2015

freebies: download january 2015 calendar

Hello there!
This year I decided I wanted to create some patterns which is something I don't normally do but I like it quite a lot.
It took me a while to decide if I wanted to keep on creating the free calendars but new january started and I still had my december calendar as my cellphone wallpaper I decided to create a new one for january, using the elements I was already creating for my first pattern.
So, if all goes well, this year i'll have 12 new calendars with 12 different patterns to offer you  to use them as wallpapers.
Hope you like this.
download: mobile | desktop

5 January 2015

Happy New Year

This is just a quick post to wish you a happy new year!
I was delaying this entry because I'm still decing if I'll restart the calendar project, or create any other project for the next months but as I can't manage to decide what to do I'll leave you with a sneak peek of a possible project. Hope you like it.
See you soon!