31 May 2015

freebies: download june 2015 calendar

Hello there!
New month, new calendar.
And this month there is no delay I'm actually a few minutes early! that's always a good thing.
My public promise this month is to stop posting only calendar posts on the blog.

Hope you like and enjoy the calendar.

3 May 2015

freebies: download may 2015 calendar

Hello there!
This calendar comes almost three days late! Sorry about that!
Actually I finished it on may 1st but I've got be honest: I'm not sure about the end result so I just procrastinated until now.
It's a bit different from my other patterns (where are the characters?) but I hope you like it anyway. This month I have two versions of each wallpaper because as I said before I don't know if I like it enough as a pattern.