28 January 2014

illustration process - Lowlve edition

I always love to see posts where other illustrators show the process they go through till they get to the finished product.
That's why I decided to document the - let's say - analogical - part of my last illustration mini series.

When I first started this "illustrator journey", three years ago, the first thing I drew were owls. It was part of a college work and it was because of those owls that my teacher told me I could invest in illustrations and I thought "well, maybe I can..."
Oddly enough, ever since then I never drew owls again. Until now.
I wanted to create something people would find lovely and yet fun. It had to be owls.

But in this illustrations the lettering was just as important as the illustration itself so I spent a lot of time trying to create something that I liked which was hard as I'm still not that confortable with lettering.

As you can see from the image above, one of the most difficult parts to write was "OF" I learned that I don't really like those letters together.

After this, I scanned these sheets and moved on to the digital part of the work.

Here is the finished product.


  1. Adorei ver todo o processo criativo. Só queria mesmo ter uma pontinha desse jeitinho...!

  2. inspiração, +_+

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