16 February 2014

giggle sutra illustration challenge

Late last year I knew something great was about to be born through Ana Luisa's blog (one of my favorite blogs, actually) and when something is created with as much love as Ana Luisa puts in her projects, it shows. Giggles was launched last december, by Ana Luisa and Cintia and it is a sweet lovely project, as I expected.

When I knew they wanted to create a special edition for valentines day, where illustrators we're invited to draw different kamasutra positions, I immediately thought it was a great idea. But I had already a lot of work waiting and it was probably not a good idea to jump into another project. Besides it was a subject I never worked on before. 
And then I was in. I had to try it.

These we're the sketches made one morning on my way to work.

I wanted to create something that was sweet and funny at the same time. It wasn't supposed to be sexy, I wanted it to look like an intimate everyday scene between a couple that is together for a long time that's why they're wearing socks and their cats are also on the bed.

The colour palette choice is always a hard step for me: this time I knew I wanted to use few colours but I had a hard time combining them.

And here are the illustrations all together in one lovely giggles box.

 (the last two photos belong to Giggles)

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