5 October 2014

Love Letters from Somebodyelsa - the process

If you follow me on instragram or facebook you already know about this project of mine where I created an alphabet. To finish it I decided to film a video showing the creative process I usually went through. I really like watching these kind of videos so hopefully you'll like it too.
This was the first video of this kind that I created and I must tell you, it didn't go smoothly.
First I made it with this really crappy camera with really crappy quality which I didn't realise until I watched it on the computer. The quality was so crappy I couldn't use it.
On to the second try. This time I used my phone, the quality was fine for what I needed but.... I ran out of space and only noticed it 30 minutes into editing.
Third time's the charm and this video came out. Except it was so big it took me a lot of time to edit it because my computer couldn't handle it.

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