22 February 2016

Paris trip vlog

For the sake of putting myself out there a bit more, today I'm sharing the video I made when I went to Paris last year.
That's right, I went to Paris last november and I'm only sharing this video today.

The trip was great and a good way to realise how terrible my french actually is. I will forever cherish the moment I said to a waitress "je voudrais un croque monsieur et a bottle of water".
I was there for five days and stayed at a very small studio apartment rented via airbnb. Though it was small, the apartment was very central and the walked everywhere using the metro only from and to the airport.
My last night in Paris was the night of the terrorist attacks. It was indeed quite scary trying to sleep that night with all the sirens and helicopters and overall fear. Luckily, this ended up being only a small sad episode in an overall great trip.

About the video, filming and editing it was actually a nice experience as I haven't done anything like it since I graduated. The first version of the video was 8 minutes long and it was quite a difficult process cutting out all the pieces that I had to leave behind. But I had to include that long bit with us trying the Ladurée macarons...
Hope you like it.


  1. Obrigada por me teres levado novamente para Paris! <3
    És uma das minhas ilustradoras do coração.
    Um enorme beijinho*

    1. Obrigada por teres o condão de me aqueceres sempre o coração (rima mas é verdade) com os teus comentários.