9 March 2016

my second book

I just realised I didn't post about my second book here and that had to change so here I am today, better late than never, right?
Xafir e a Feiticeira do Pântano which in english goes something like Xafir and the Swamp's Wizard is a book about a special boy - Xafir - and his friends and their adventure when they try to understand what happened in the forest where everything has turned into stone.
The book is for kids who are a little older than my first book (7-12 I'd say) so the illustrations are smaller.
I really liked illustrating this book, it was the first time I used my cintiq and worked only in photoshop instead of illustrator which used to be my favourite tool. I even think my style is a bit different but you tell me.

One other thing that's quite fun about this book is that the authors have been going to schools to present the book and I've seen some drawings kids have made about their favourite parts of the story.
Here are some of them:

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